Low Speed Motors

Low speed motors are designed to create a lot of torque, allowing better control when performing selective decay removal and prophy procedures. When the motor begins to loose speed or torque it needs to be rebuilt. We totally disassemble the motor and thoroughly clean all parts. Afterwards, we replace the bearings, vanes, springs and o-rings. Once reassembled, the motor is tested with a variety of attachments to ensure proper operation.

Rotor with vanes and springs.

Latch Heads

The bearings are replaced and the transmission shaft is lubricated. All gears are inspected for wear or damage. Bushing type latch heads are not repairable.

Contra angles

The bearings are replaced. The gear, shaft and drive are inspected for wear or damage. In addition, the toothed connection is inspected for missing or bent teeth.

Nose Cones

The nose cone is completely disassembled and cleaned. The bearings are replaced, the chuck and sleeve are reconditioned to remove any rust or debris.

Motor Overhauls


One Year Warranty

  • Star Titan II & III
  • Midwest Tru Torc
  • Midwest Shorty
  • ​Midwest Rhino
  • Midwest RDH​
  • Champion Little Guy

Six Month Warranty

  • Lynx
  • Micromite
  • ​Micro Motors
Latch Angles

Warranty Varies on Services

  • Latch Angle Rebuild $95
  • New Bushing Deroit Latch Angle $30​
  • New Bushing Swing Latch Angle $30​
  • New Ball Bearing Swing Latch Angle $95
  • New Ball Bearing Push Button Latch Angle $149
Contra Angles

Six Month Warranty

  • Straight Attachments $95
  • Star MTA (Motor-to-Angle) $75
  • Midwest Contra Sheath $85​
Kavo Low Speed

Warranty Varies on Services

  • Motor Rebuild $249 (Six Month Warranty)
  • Intra Sheath $149 (Six Month Warranty)
  • Angle Head Rebuild $149 (Three Month Warranty)​