Handpiece Repair is CRITICAL to Your Practice

Dentists deserve the best repair possible. We are here to provide that service for you.

Handpieces are the unsung HEROES of your practice.

When handpieces fail, it disrupts the rotation and schedule of your office. We are here to provide quality handpiece repair and personalized, timely service to minimize the impact.

How may we help you?

How it works, step by step…

Step 1



Fill out the repair form and print the prepaid USPS shipping label.

Click here for repair form and shipping label.

Step 2

Send by USPS

postal mailbox

Place your handpieces and the repair form in an appropriate sized box. Place the prepaid label on the box and tape. Give the package to your local postal carrier or drop at the post office.

Step 3



The handpieces will be fully evaluate upon reciept. After the necessary repairs, they will be fully tested to ensue proper operation. A free estimate can be provided, if request, before repair are made.

Step 4

Fast Return

fast delivery

As soon as the repairs are completed, we will send the handpieces back in our repair box. The box will have a new work order form and a prepaid USPS label, ready for your next repair.