Electric Attachments

Electric speed increasing attachments operate closer to a low speed gear angle than a high speed air turbine. There are two bearings in the head that can be replaced like a high speed turbine, but the power is transferred to the head by a series of gears. While quite durable, these individual gears will eventually wear or become damaged requiring replacement.

Pre-Op Checks

  • Look at the handpiece closely for any external damage, such as dents.
  • Install a bur before attaching the handpiece to the motor and turn the bur with your fingers. It should turn smoothly without any undue resistance.
  • Listen to the handpiece for any unusual sounds.
  • Operate the handpiece for about 30 seconds with a bur in place and the water off; then gently touch the head of the handpiece to the ungloved surface of your inner wrist to sense any unusual heat. Warm is OK. Hot is not.

Stop Using Immediately IF

  • If the handpiece vibrates abnormally when in use. Also, if you can insert a bur and move it from side to side.
  • The attachment begins to produce a loud mechanical gear sound when operating.
  • The attachment begins to heat up during use.
Level I


Basic rebuild where the bearings are failing but the gears are not damaged.

  • Replace head cartridge bearings
  • Replace transmission shaft bearings
  • Inspect drive gears
  • Six Month Warranty
Level II


Head cartridge gear damage or not retaining the bur properly.

  • Replace head cartridge
  • Replace transmission shaft bearings
  • Inspect and replace gears​ as needed
  • Six Month Warranty
Level III


Extensive gear damage though out the attachment.

  • Send to factory for full service
  • Replace all drive components
  • 1 Year Warranty