Electric Handpiece Service

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Electric speed increasing attachments operate closer to a lowspeed gear angle than a highspeed air turbine. There are 2 bearings in the head that can be replaced like a high speed turbine, but the power is transferred to the head by a series of gears. Once your attachment starts to heat up, you need to send it in for service IMMEDIATELY. Continued use will result in greater damage to the gears and drive train components resulting in a more costly repair. Sometimes, the OEM factory overhaul can be a better value depending on what needs to be replaced. Generally, if there is significant damage beyond just the head bearings we will recommend the factory repair.

Electric 1:5 Speed Increasing Attachment Head Rebuild

Three Month Warranty

Level I - Rebuild $249 - $299
(6 Month Warranty)  
Level II - New Head Cartridge $350 - $450
(6 Month Warranty)l  
Level III - Factory Service $549 - $675
(1 Year Warranty)  

Other attachments and repairs will be quoted on an estimate basis.